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About Us

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Who We Are

AGIL is a brain child of Abhimanyu Goswami. He has been very passionate about share & Investment since a very tender age and this deep interest and passion of his in this field for years has finally got him to start AGIL.

He believes that trading is just not about making or losing money, but it requires a lot of research & strategies which work in order to get the best out of this business. In order to do so Abhimanyu has now hired the most elite mathematicians and scientists from all over the country and has gathered data since 1875 & created strategies based on that data using fundamentals of quantitative analysis. And he has used fundamentals and data to to successfully predict the correct analysis of the markets during this current phase of Corona Pandemic.

Regardless of individuals and companies going under major financial losses, he started to advice his family and friends to Invest in Stocks , and when the time was right he asked them to exit in which they made 100%-300% return On Investment.

Abhimanyu’s philosophy for AGIL is to create opportunity for clients to invest in, and the goal to create wealth for our customers .Under his expert supervision, AGIL is expertly managed, with an open, freewheeling atmosphere more like a university department than a company. Trading strategies are explained, discussed, debated and deployed only once they have been ruthlessly tested virtually. He sees charts as a product irrespective of the share or index he trades in successfully.


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Growing Wealth is the ability to fully experience life